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Automotive Paint Protection


Serving Austin since 1994

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Serving Austin since 1994.

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When it comes to protecting what matters most, our Paint Protection Films ( PPF ) offer the best surface protection yet. Our product lines offer Nationwide Warranty, unmatched durability, chemical resistance, and Self Healing Technology.

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Expert Installation

Our experienced staff uses computer cut patterns that are specific to your vehicle. We also have the ability to make our own patterns for unique applications.

Our Clients

We lead the market in Paint Protection application. Just ask our best customers like Lexus of Austin, John Eagle European ( Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lotus, Aston Martin ), Ferrari of Austin, Elite Motorsports.

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Product Construction 101
The PPF market consists of 2 types of construction, Top Coated and Non Top Coated polyurethane. Top Coated polyurethane has a chemical top coat which provides superior chemical and abrasion resistance. In addition, the top coated material has self-healing properties that enable the product to repair itself when small scratches occur.
Product Selection
We are an authorized dealer for SunTek Paint Protection products.
The installation process can be timely. Plan on leaving the vehicle with us, especially for projects that consist of large areas being filmed like full hood and full bumper applications. We like to let the vehicle cure for a while and then retouch and inspect the installation prior to final delivery. The process simply cannot be rushed.
Periodic cleaning and maintenance of paint protection film is required. Car wash soap and water can be used along with a good quality snythetic wax. Clean with a soft sponge and wax with a quality microfiber cloth. Avoid cleaning the film while dry, always lubricate the surface with soap or wax. Avoid harsh chemicals like degreaser and carb cleaner. Also avoid natural paste waxes like carnuba waxes because they can permanently discolor the material and cause wax build-up along leading edges.
Self-Healing Technology
Our SunTek Paint Protection product has a proprietary chemical top coat that incredibly heals itself when minor scratching occurs. Applying heat to the damaged area can often make the damage disappear. In addition, this technology provides superior abrasion and chemical resistance along with a long lasting high gloss finish.