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Security Films are available in clear or invisible versions and are typically 8-Mil to 15-Mil in thickness. These films strengthen the glass dramatically and help delay forced entry events like burglary, smash and grab, and industrial espionage.

Safety Films

Safety Films provide an invisible protective coating over the glass. This protective coating saves lives by holding broken glass in place after accidental breakage and even explosions or natural disasters.

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Our Clients
Sunbusters has performed Safety & Security Film installations on numerous GSA projects, government agency buildings and other projects that require blast hazard mitigation and smash and grab mitigation.
Daylight Application
By far the most common method of installing safety film. The film is trimmed to fit the exact size of the window pane.
Anchoring Systems
Anchored Film Systems, also referred to as Attachment Systems, have become more popular as a result of increased concerns over the need to keep broken glass intact within the window frame. This method takes the Daylight Application a step further by securing the safety or security film to the edge of the window frame. Many government buildings and stores with valuable inventory use Anchored Film Systems.
Film Options
Safety & Security Films are available in clear versions as well as solar control versions. They range from 4Mil to 15Mil in thickness.
Building Code
Safety films can be used in a retrofit application to bring glass up to code for residential and commercial inspections.
GSA Compliance
Sunbusters has experience installing Safety Films and attachment systems to bring government institutions up to current code requirements. These projects typically require the use of a thicker than normal Safety Film in conjunction with a Mechanical Attachment System, providing the ultimate in blast hazard mitigation.