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Best Paint Protection Kit for a Porsche

PPF coatings keep your paint job fresh and your investment secure.
Silver porsche with pain protection
When you own a valuable vehicle like a Porsche, it’s just as much an investment as it is a means of transportation. You want to keep it as close to mint condition as possible yet still be able to enjoy driving it. One way to make your Porsche more of a match for the elements is to have it coated with a protective layer that shields it from paint chips and scratches. Paint protection film (PFF) is recommended for any valuable sports car, but the question becomes, which paint protection kit is best for your Porsche? Kinds of Protective Paint Films Developed from thermoplastic urethane coatings originally designed for military helicopters and other transport vehicles, the PPFs that professional automotive detailers use currently are more flexible to fit the aerodynamic curves of such cars as Porsches. However, they require professional installation due to the skill, speed and accuracy required to apply them flawlessly. After application, PPFs are virtually [...]

Car Window Tint FAQs

How FormulaOne Window Film Can Keep You Happier, Healthier and Safer on the Road
white Ferrari with window tint
If you’re considering a window tint installation for your car, truck, SUV or mini-van, it’s good to know the facts. FormulaOne is a cutting-edge polyester window film that’s applied to the inside of your windows and won’t interfere with your rear window defroster. Application on all windows can take anywhere from one to four hours. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions: Q. What Benefits Does UV Protection With FormulaOne Ceramic Tint Provide? UV light in Austin, Texas, is destructive; it causes fabric and carpeting inside your car to fade and deteriorate. It also causes skin cancer, particularly on the left side of the face. Window tint screens out 99 percent of UV rays to keep your car’s interior looking good and to protect your skin from cancer, wrinkles and premature aging. Q. Does Window Tint Reduce Heat and Glare? Window film has excellent heat and glare-reducing properties. Less glare means less eye fatigue [...]

What Kind of Auto-Tint is Legal in Texas?

Don't break the law with excessively dark glass.
black tesla with window tint
Automotive window tinting delivers many valuable benefits. It can protect your eyes, enhance privacy, reduce interior temperatures and prevent upholstery from fading. However, extremely dark glass may compromise safety. Texas Department of Public Safety enforces laws that govern the placement and darkness of tinting films. State approved vehicle safety inspections require that the vehicle’s glass be inspected to assure that it meets certain visible light transmission levels in order to pass inspection. Windshield Tint Limitations The Lone Star State requires windshield glass to allow at least 70% of outdoor light to enter vehicles. A tinted windshield must also have a luminous reflectance level that doesn’t exceed 25 percent. This number indicates the amount of light reflected by a window. Texas has banned red, amber and blue tints. Texas law allows for the entire front windshield to be filmed/tinted with a “clear” un- tinted film that does not visibly alter or color the glass when viewed [...]

Protecting your paint from the sun is a snap at Sunbusters

Don't let the sun scorch your car's paint!
Tinted Black Car
Austin, Texas enjoys sunny skies more often than not. Abundant sunlight is fine if you want to heat up a pool or use solar panels, but it can have seriously harmful effects on cars. Prolonged sun exposure may cause paint to fade and decay. As DriverSide points out, this damage makes a vehicle more vulnerable to rust. Effective Solution Many Texans can’t keep their cars away from sunlight throughout the day. Even if you use garages at your home and workplace, a lengthy commute may result in many hours of sun exposure. Fortunately, protective films can shield automotive paint from solar rays. Sunbusters’ installers apply them to vulnerable parts of cars, such as bumpers and hoods. These invisible coatings also sometimes prevent small stones from scratching vehicles. Who Applies Films? Some auto dealers offer paint protection when motorists buy new cars. This practice is particularly common among luxury dealerships. For example, Austin’s Ferrari and Lexus dealers [...]

The Importance of Window Tint and Reducing UV Exposure

Could a lengthy commute harm a person's skin?
UV Protection Window Tinting
If you live in or near the greater Austin area, you’re probably familiar with the city’s traffic problems. Interstate 35 has some of the nation’s worst congestion. Average daily commuting times exceed 80 minutes in several neighborhoods, according to the Austin Business Journal. They include Anderson Arbor, Tress Sonesta and Turtle Rock Estates. Long-Term Exposure to Sunlight Like many cities in Texas, Austin experiences plenty of cloudless weather. The sun shines brightly for over 300 days in an average year. Local skies remain clear especially often between June and December. Consequently, motorists expose themselves to ultraviolet rays for long periods of time as they drive and sit in traffic jams. Many people mistakenly believe that automotive glass fully protects them. Two Different Types of UV Rays Exposure to UVB rays can cause visible sunburns. Standard window glass provides thorough protection from this kind of radiation. On the other hand, UVA rays pass through most glass. They [...]
Window Tint Appearance
If you’ve always thought of tinting your car windows as more of a luxury than a practical option for average car owners, think again. Tinted car windows may protect your privacy and make you look like a rock star, but they also offer plenty of money-saving benefits over time. Even more surprising is the fact that window tinting could help save your life. The Ultimate in Driving Privacy Celebrities aren’t the only ones who can use a break from the public eye. Whether you’re driving through the city or hauling the kids to after-school activities in the suburbs, auto tinting shields the people in your car from prying eyes. More importantly, even when your car is parked, window tinting hides belongings left inside from passersby. Safer Driving, Healthier Passengers Auto tint reduces glare and improves your ability to see the road under the sun’s harshest rays. Windows that are tinted with Sunbusters’ FormulaOne Hi-Performance window [...]
Most people want to take good care of their cars; after all, we spend a lot of time and money on them, and we want to protect that investment. You know about changing the oil, taking care of regularly scheduled maintenance, and all the other tasks they mention in the owner’s manual. But did you know there’s a simple way to protect your car that many car owners overlook? Picture this: It’s a hot, sunny day, and you’re pulling into a parking lot for the day. Maybe you’re going to the beach or maybe it’s just a regular work day, but your car will be parked there for a while. You try to park in the shade when you can, you faithfully use the window shade to cover the front window, but still you’re not doing all you can to protect your car. Failing to protect your car’s interior is one of the most critical [...]
Austin’s climate can be particularly hot, sunny and dry in the summer. This weather is great for swimmers at Barton Springs, but it certainly doesn’t appeal to motorists in traffic. Fortunately, window tinting can protect you, your passengers and your vehicle from extreme heat. Discomfort Bright sunlight makes commutes less pleasant and causes cars to consume extra energy running the AC on high. It also increases the time it takes air conditioners to adequately reduce temperatures. Interior heat levels can quickly become dangerous if a car’s cooling system fails. Tinted windows will enhance safety by helping you preserve cool air inside the vehicle reducing your discomfort. Warm Groceries A summer heat wave might make you feel like you’re going to melt. On the other hand, this may literally happen to refrigerated or frozen items from the supermarket. Even if you need to briefly stop at [...]
Sun exposure Window Tinting Can Keep You Looking Young and Protect You from Skin Cancer Did you know that UVA solar rays are damaging your skin whenever you hop in your car? Not only will these rays accelerate the aging process, they can also give you skin cancer. Most of us think of sun damage as a beach thing, but UVA rays can get you whenever it’s daylight, especially when you’re behind the wheel. Although glass will protect you from UVB rays — the burning rays — it will not protect you from UVA rays — the aging rays. Why Are UVA Rays So Dangerous? Unlike UVB rays that cause visible burning on the skin’s surface, UVA rays go deep into the skin and cause damage you can’t immediately see. They break down the supportive structures formed by collagen fibers that keep the skin firm. UVA rays [...]
Automotive Speakers Why Some DIY Projects Just Aren’t Worth the Trouble Thinking about transforming your stock vehicle into something a bit more appealing? No matter what you’d like to tweak about your current vehicle, booking professional installation services is the best solution. There’s nothing wrong with tackling certain projects with your own two hands. Aftermarket upgrades, however, are definitely jobs for the professionals. Here are four great reasons why. 1. Superior Appearance When you’re tinting windows, a single stray dust particle or speck of dirt can spell disaster. If they get trapped under tint films, they result in bubbles and blemishes that are impossible to ignore. Window tints aren’t the only projects that demand precision. In the world of electronics, failing to measure and account for the size of speaker hardware, wire runs or enclosures can make everything else look crooked. Aftermarket upgrades take considerable time to [...]
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