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automotive window tint With proper maintenance, your new solar-blocking window film will look great for years to come. In the last decade, manufacturers have developed improved window tinting products that are more durable and are easier to maintain. Now, there’s no need to worry about the material fading, peeling or scuffing with normal use. By following a few simple guidelines, you can preserve the product’s original quality and energy-saving benefits. Why Cleaning Practices are Important In addition to protecting your tinted windows from damage, proper cleaning techniques will ensure that you aren’t voiding your factory warrantee. Most professionally installed products include at minimum a five-year warranty. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty against fading, peeling and bubbling. Today’s window films are attractive, effective, scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. Do’s and Don’ts Although films are more durable than they used to be, it’s important to avoid certain products that [...]
clear auto tint If you’ve heard about the many benefits of automotive window films and you’re ready to protect your own vehicle from UV damage, your next task is to find a tinting shop to do the work. You wouldn’t let just anyone tamper with your valuable car; top-quality results are paramount. While all window films work in a similar way, the application process can be quite different. In the past, film tint patterns were cut by hand directly on the outside surface of the vehicle’s glass. Today’s technology has made the process much smoother. Top-rated tinting shops prefer using a computer cutting plotter to pre-cut the film patterns that match your car’s exact dimensions before the film ever touches the vehicle. Here are four reasons why this process is superior. 4 Reasons That a Computer Cutting Plotter Is the Better Choice
  1. Computer plotters cut film [...]
Window Tinted Car It’s already starting to warm up in Texas, and it’s only going to get hotter. For drivers with professionally tinted windshields and windows, the summer is a little less intimidating; they’ll enjoy protection from both the searing heat and the dangerous ultraviolet rays. If the mention of auto tinting makes you think of mysterious, dark cars that are hiding dead bodies, the facts might surprise you. Your Car Doesn’t Have to Look Suspicious It’s a common misconception that car tinting only provides adequate protection when it’s dark enough to look suspicious. Dark tints are illegal in many areas, and this may contribute to the false impression. In reality, IR films don’t have to be dark to perform. You’ve probably seen tinted car windows many times and never had any idea that they were different. Films that are clear and virtually invisible can deliver exceptional [...]
window tinting Window Tint for Austinites: The Many Great Benefits You already know that window tint will make your car look awesome from the outside, but have you stopped to consider all of the other benefits it might offer? If you’re on the fence about having your car tinted, you won’t be after reading this article! 1. Privacy and Security Tinted windows are about a lot more than just appearances. They also provide a greater deal of privacy. If you’ve ever been in a situation that required you to change your clothes in a parking lot, you’re probably already aware why this is a wonderful thing. A much more practical reason is that it can also help discourage crime. If a crook doesn’t notice the valuables in the backseat of your car because they can’t see in the windows, then there’s a good chance they will move [...]
leather interior vintage The value of window tint and other methods for preventing leather damage Leather is a natural fabric that is susceptible to damage from many of the same sources as other fabrics. Sunlight is one of the biggest offenders, which makes protecting your car from direct sun exposure all the more important if you want to preserve the “like new” look of the leather seats. The Problem with Sunlight and Leather Both sun and heat have negative effects on leather. Being exposed to excessive light causes leather to fade gradually until it only shows a shadow of its original rich, deep color. At the same time, heat draws moisture out of the fabric, causing it to dry out and crack or warp. That means your car’s seats could be suffering damage whether the vehicle is parked in the sun or simply sitting in an environment [...]
windown tinting sunbusters We’re happy to announce that we’ve just opened our new Sunbusters location in Lakeway. If you live in the area, you won’t have to drive far to find the best in automotive window tinting and paint protection technologies. Here are a few reasons you’ll want to check out our services. Formula One High Performance Automotive Window Tinting At Sunbusters, we install Formula One High Performance Automotive Window Films made by LLumar. Our films can enhance your car in many ways. They can provide extra privacy, create a stylish new look, keep your interior cooler, protect your upholstery from heat damage, reduce glare while driving and dramatically reduce your exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. Tinting can even help prevent your windows from shattering on impact. If you want your new car to keep its great looks and deliver the best driving experience, window tinting films [...]
paint protection film Preserve your car’s paint job with protective exterior film The only way to avoid damaging your car’s paint is to park it in the garage and never drive it. Since this is more than a little impractical, you need a simple, long-lasting way to prevent the scratches, dings, scuffs and corrosion that can occur as you drive through changing weather conditions throughout the year. Automotive paint protection film provides a defensive shield that does all this and more. Preserves Appearance The main reason people opt for protective film is that they want to maintain the glossy “like new” look a car has when it’s first driven off the lot. Thanks to modern technologies, these films can not only deflect damage but also “self-heal” to eliminate the appearance of any minor scratches that do occur. Reduces Maintenance Costs Trying to keep your car looking like [...]
window tinting Improve safety with some unusual approaches to home security Are you doing all you can to make sure that your home is safe? Burglar alarms and motion sensors will deter invaders to a certain extent, but it never hurts to have a little extra protection for you and your family. Add these security measures to your current safety plan for greater peace of mind. Take Care of the Yard Unkempt grass and untrimmed bushes announce that you’re away and make your house a prime target for enterprising thieves. Overgrown hedges make perfect places for potential housebreakers to stay out of sight while scoping out your property. Piles of wood at the sides of the house or shed can act as “ladders” for easy entry. If you can’t keep up with the demands of your yard or you tend to be away from home for long [...]
Why Decorative Window Films Are a Smart Choice for Homes and Businesses You’ve probably heard that the windows in your home or office have a huge impact on its overall aesthetic and real estate value. After all, windows are designed to provide protection from the elements. They’re also an essential part of a building’s exterior and interior design. Updating your windows with decorative films is a great way to add value to your property without going broke. Why Window Film Makes Sense No matter where you live or work, you rely on your windows to give you a view of the world. Upgrading them from time to time is essential, but that doesn’t mean that you have to replace windows entirely. Window film is an economical alternative that offers great energy savings. If you’re looking to improve your home’s overall insulation, using films on windows is a great place to start. Because they add a [...]
automotive tinting austin Simple upgrades to make your car feel like new Have you been eyeing the cars on the market today and wishing your outdated model had some of the latest advances these vehicles are equipped with? With aftermarket parts and systems, you can upgrade your car to be just like new at a fraction of the cost. From mechanical to cosmetic, aftermarket installations allow you to customize your vehicle to create a car of your dreams. GPS Navigation GPS systems that operate via voice commands are safer alternatives to trying to use the map app on your smartphone as you drive. Mount an independent system on a dashboard stand or have a unit installed directly into the console to facilitate easy navigation no matter where you are. If you do a lot of traveling, this is one upgrade you won’t want to be without. Enhanced [...]
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