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Sun exposure Window Tinting Can Keep You Looking Young and Protect You from Skin Cancer Did you know that UVA solar rays are damaging your skin whenever you hop in your car? Not only will these rays accelerate the aging process, they can also give you skin cancer. Most of us think of sun damage as a beach thing, but UVA rays can get you whenever it’s daylight, especially when you’re behind the wheel. Although glass will protect you from UVB rays — the burning rays — it will not protect you from UVA rays — the aging rays. Why Are UVA Rays So Dangerous? Unlike UVB rays that cause visible burning on the skin’s surface, UVA rays go deep into the skin and cause damage you can’t immediately see. They break down the supportive structures formed by collagen fibers that keep the skin firm. UVA rays [...]
leather interior vintage The value of window tint and other methods for preventing leather damage Leather is a natural fabric that is susceptible to damage from many of the same sources as other fabrics. Sunlight is one of the biggest offenders, which makes protecting your car from direct sun exposure all the more important if you want to preserve the “like new” look of the leather seats. The Problem with Sunlight and Leather Both sun and heat have negative effects on leather. Being exposed to excessive light causes leather to fade gradually until it only shows a shadow of its original rich, deep color. At the same time, heat draws moisture out of the fabric, causing it to dry out and crack or warp. That means your car’s seats could be suffering damage whether the vehicle is parked in the sun or simply sitting in an environment [...]
home window tint Help Your Home Maintain Its Bright, Beautiful Colors The sun brings welcome warmth and light through your home’s windows. However, much you like the sunlight, you know that it can also cause your carpets, rugs and furnishings to fade. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between your furnishings and the light that you love. Consider these effective, simple solutions to prevent fading. Designing Your Home to Protect Carpets & Furniture When it comes to defending your belongings against sun damage, good design practices are your first line of defense. The overall architectural design of your house as well as where you place furnishings is primary in determining whether furniture will be exposed to damaging light. Of course, you can’t change the physical configuration of your home or confine all your furnishings only to shady areas. You’ll also need to design smart by using new [...]
paint protection Few car owners love the idea of their car showing signs of age. Unfortunately, it happens quickly. Within just a few short years, faded paint, scratches, dents and worn interior can take the cool factor away from even the trendiest ride. When your car is a fading starlet, the only way you can experience that thrilling new car feeling is to become a serial test-driver at your local dealerships. Cheating on your car isn’t the best answer. We have ways to help your car retain its youthful good looks. Professional Windshield Tinting You probably know that window tinting is stylish, but you may not realize how many ways it can help protect your car. The reduction of heat and 99.9% ultraviolet light rejection helps preserve the color, texture and structural integrity of your interior surfaces including your upholstery. After all, getting into a car that [...]
window tinting Window film could be more valuable than you think These days, rising energy bills seem like a basic fact of life. In Austin, hot summers and chilly winters make unreasonable demands on our heating and cooling systems, not to mention our wallets. Fortunately, there’s a little-known way to chip away at these bills: window film. As it turns out, window film can provide serious energy savings at a very reasonable upfront cost. A Matter of Awareness According to a recent report from the International Window Film Association (IWFA) and Harris Poll, relatively few Americans understand the potential energy-saving benefits of window film. The report indicates that just 54% of American adults were aware that window film offered such benefits. Even fewer were aware of just how significant these benefits could be. To make matters worse, a small majority of Americans seemed to believe that window [...]
window film austin The benefits of tinting the windows in your home and your car Whether you’ve lived in Austin all your life or have only spent time visiting, you know how hot it can get. When the sun starts beating down, all you want to do is go inside to escape it. Though you may be able to avoid sun damage, the upholstery in your car and your house can’t escape. Day after day of sun exposure can add up, leading to unsightly fading. Protection for the Home You could just keep the drapes closed all the time to stop sun damage to indoor fabrics, but then you’d never get to enjoy beautiful natural light. That’s where window tinting comes in. Choosing this method of solar control can block up to 99.9% of UV rays depending on the type of film. Window tinting will keep this [...]
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