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window tinting Improve safety with some unusual approaches to home security Are you doing all you can to make sure that your home is safe? Burglar alarms and motion sensors will deter invaders to a certain extent, but it never hurts to have a little extra protection for you and your family. Add these security measures to your current safety plan for greater peace of mind. Take Care of the Yard Unkempt grass and untrimmed bushes announce that you’re away and make your house a prime target for enterprising thieves. Overgrown hedges make perfect places for potential housebreakers to stay out of sight while scoping out your property. Piles of wood at the sides of the house or shed can act as “ladders” for easy entry. If you can’t keep up with the demands of your yard or you tend to be away from home for long [...]
car sun damage If you’re like most parents, you slather your kids with sun block the moment they set foot on the beach. After all, one out of five Americans will develop skin cancer from accumulated sun damage, and you want to protect your kids’ future health. You’re doing the right thing, but if you don’t protect your kids’ skin while they’re riding in the car, you may not be doing enough. Unfortunately, the sun dishes out more than one type of ray. UVB rays are the culprits that cause sunburn and blistering, but UVA rays are more insidious. They produce cumulative, long-term cell damage that’s not immediately noticeable. While car windshields may block UVB rays, they don’t prevent UVA rays from causing slow, almost imperceptible damage throughout life. They increase the risk of skin cancer and accelerate aging. Is There Any Proof? If the idea of [...]
Residential Tinting Avoid Common Efficiency Mistakes in Your Home Boosting efficiency is a top priority for many homeowners in the greater Austin area. After all, greater home efficiency generally translates into increased comfort and lower utility bills. Unfortunately, too many homeowners make simple efficiency mistakes that defeat their energy saving efforts. The Top Five Home Efficiency Mistakes It’s easy to make mistakes when it comes to home efficiency. You might do things that seem logical only to find that they don’t really translate into savings in the long run. You might also be overlooking some simple efficiency errors because they don’t seem like a big deal. These five are among the most common efficiency mistakes that homeowners make. Even the most conscientious of homeowners can be guilty of making these errors, so don’t be hard on yourself if you find that you’re doing something wrong. Knowing which [...]
window film austin Windows allow you to see the world outside in all its glory, but sometimes you may not want the world to see all of yours, especially when you’re in your bathroom or bedroom. Making a window translucent can solve privacy problems and much more. If you want to limit an outsider’s view without losing your access to natural light, you have several aesthetically pleasing options. Sandblasted and Etched Window Designs Various types of glass etching including shading and sandblasting can produce translucent surface imagery in virtually any pattern or artistic style conceivable. To etch glass, a powerful air compressor is used to blast abrasives at high pressure against the pane. The particles cause tiny chips in the surface of the glass; this creates a frosted look that distorts the image seen from outdoors. Intricate graphics and three-dimensional etchings are possible. Although it’s a beautiful [...]
window tinting Tint Your Windows to Keep it Cool in Austin There’s no doubt that Austin’s warm, sunny climate is one of its top attractions. During the fall and winter months, temperatures are moderate and residents enjoy plenty of sunshine. During the spring and summer, though, temperatures can become uncomfortably hot. It’s a challenging climate, and many homeowners choose window tinting to boost comfort and household efficiency. Why Tint Your Windows? The average high temperature in Austin in July and August is right around 95 degrees. There’s no doubt that summers here are simply hot. You likely rely on your home’s cooling system to keep you comfortable, but could you be doing more to increase your comfort? The answer is probably yes. After all, there are a number of steps you can take to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home. You can have an energy [...]
Car DriverStay safe while you drive with quality window tinting for your car You wear sunscreen when you work in the yard and cover up at the beach, but what are you doing to protect your skin while you’re driving? According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetimes, and much of that can be attributed to sun exposure in the car. Your Skin, the Sun and Your Car Sunlight is made up of both long-wave UVA rays and short-wave UVB rays. UVB, which is implicated in the kind of upper-level skin damage that leads to cancer, is effectively filtered out by automotive glass. However, 90% of the rays from the sun are UVA rays, the kind that contribute to skin aging and cause cumulative damage that may trigger cancer development. Skin cancer is the most common form of [...]
home window tint Help Your Home Maintain Its Bright, Beautiful Colors The sun brings welcome warmth and light through your home’s windows. However, much you like the sunlight, you know that it can also cause your carpets, rugs and furnishings to fade. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between your furnishings and the light that you love. Consider these effective, simple solutions to prevent fading. Designing Your Home to Protect Carpets & Furniture When it comes to defending your belongings against sun damage, good design practices are your first line of defense. The overall architectural design of your house as well as where you place furnishings is primary in determining whether furniture will be exposed to damaging light. Of course, you can’t change the physical configuration of your home or confine all your furnishings only to shady areas. You’ll also need to design smart by using new [...]
autumn sun How to Avoid Issues From Indoor Sun Exposure Natural lighting is desirable within the home, but it’s also important to be aware of the impact that sunlight can have on your health and even your furnishings. Many people assume that summertime is the most problematic aspect of the year from a sunlight perspective, but this isn’t actually true when you are indoors. Instead, the change in the sun’s angle that accompanies the fall season can cause issues if you’re not proactive. What Problems Are Caused by Interior Sunlight Exposure? During the fall, the sun comes from the southern direction, and this angle can allow at least some of the rooms in your home to develop a much larger than usual amount of daily sun exposure. This sunlight can be a positive thing for people who suffer from medical conditions such as seasonal affective disorder, but [...]
diy tinting When it comes to window tinting, it’s best to hire a pro Window tinting can shave up to 15% off your utility bill by blocking radiant heat so you don’t have to run the air conditioner as often. Tinting also filters out potentially harmful UV rays that can cause skin damage and result in fading of furniture or automotive interiors. These films are even available in reflective and opaque styles to increase privacy. The Pitfalls of DIY With all these advantages, you may be tempted to get a DIY tinting kit and outfit your home or car right away. However, installing window tint yourself isn’t as easy as it seems. Most DIY kits require you to cut the film to exactly the right size, a task that becomes difficult without professional tools. Cutting requires care so that you don’t wind up scratching your windows or [...]
Choose Window Tinting to Keep Fine Furnishings in Tip-Top Shape Furnishing your home isn’t cheap. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to protect your furniture. You likely prioritize cleaning furnishings, but you might not have thought about the damage the sun can do to your furniture. Choosing window films or tinting is a great way to protect your furniture while still enjoying the benefits of natural light. Protecting Fine Furniture by Blocking Out the Sun Sunlight can cause serious damage to furnishings. This is because the sun’s UV rays can both fade upholstery and can draw much-needed moisture out of wood furniture. Contrary to what many individuals believe, the sun can also cause fading in the winter. Some homeowners keep draperies and blinds closed in an effort to block out furniture-destroying sun, but this strategy has the unfortunate side effect of making the home too dark. Instead of relying entirely on electric [...]
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