Best Paint Protection Kit for a Porsche

PPF coatings keep your paint job fresh and your investment secure.
Silver porsche with pain protection
When you own a valuable vehicle like a Porsche, it’s just as much an investment as it is a means of transportation. You want to keep it as close to mint condition as possible yet still be able to enjoy driving it. One way to make your Porsche more of a match for the elements is to have it coated with a protective layer that shields it from paint chips and scratches. Paint protection film (PFF) is recommended for any valuable sports car, but the question becomes, which paint protection kit is best for your Porsche? Kinds of Protective Paint Films Developed from thermoplastic urethane coatings originally designed for military helicopters and other transport vehicles, the PPFs that professional automotive detailers use currently are more flexible to fit the aerodynamic curves of such cars as Porsches. However, they require professional installation due to the skill, speed and accuracy required to apply them flawlessly. After application, PPFs are virtually [...]
St. Louis, May 1, 2014 – Eastman Chemical Company (NYSE:EMN), manufacturer of LLumar® window film, is educating consumers on the risk of sun damage in places that may surprise people. To help kick off Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Eastman will be providing skin protection tips and hosting a sweepstakes on their Facebook page May 8-30th. The sweepstakes winner will receive free window film professionally installed on their vehicle and $1,000 Visa® prepaid card. Additionally, the company has partnered with The Skin Cancer Foundation to make a free, downloadable brochure (PDF) about window film available to the public, dermatologists and window film distributors. The brochure outlines the danger of UV rays that can penetrate glass, and discusses how window film can protect people while in their home, in the office and while driving. Many people are unaware that the sun’s harmful rays can penetrate glass – both in cars and buildings. Scientific research shows that drivers [...]
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