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If you have been saving up for a new car to get the latest video recording technology, there’s really no need to wait. At Sunbusters, we offer portable dash cam technology and installation to make your car more secure, no matter what model year you are driving.

Thinkware dash cams
Thinkware f50 dashcam

The F50 Dash Cam: Low Profile, High Functionality

The F50 Dash Cam from Thinkware sets the standard for affordable after-market car technology. It is compact enough to mount on your windshield just behind your rearview mirror, so you won’t see it unless you want to. Due to its Sony Exmor image processing system, it takes sharp, clear 1080p footage, just like you would expect from a far more expensive camera. The F50 is equipped with the following:

  • Automatic incident recording
  • Surveillance mode
  • Continuous recording mode
  • Manual recording mode
  • Motion detection
  • Protection from weather extremes
  • Protection from file corruption
  • 240-degree wide angle lens
  • Error-free recording
  • Remote video playback with optional GPS
  • Warning system for red light/speeding cams ahead with optional GPS

How the Thinkware F50 Dash Cam Benefits You

Have you ever wished you had a video recording of your recent fender bender? The Thinkware F50 Dash Cam grants that wish with its automatic event recording function. When the camera’s built-in sensor registers an impact, it automatically saves video footage from 10 seconds before to 10 seconds afterward. That way, if what happened is in dispute, you have clear evidence of what actually took place.

A parking lot is one of the most hazardous places you can drive your car, but often, you have to take your chances. The F50 can help you reduce parking lot risks with its motion-sensor feature. With the optional hardwiring kit, your dash cam can be on alert 24/7, whether you are parked at the store, on the street or in the parking garage. Your F50 automatically records approaching vehicles or people that could damage your car. If damage does occur, you have a visual record of what happened and who was involved.

f50 dashcam quality
Example of the F50 Dashcam Video Quality. Come into Sunbusters for installation of Dashcams

Our Other Thinkware Products

From the F50 on up to the F800 Pro, our Thinkware dash cam lineup provides all the tech features you need for day or nighttime functionality. Here’s a brief rundown of the various Thinkware dash cam models and their unique capabilities:

Thinkware F800 Pro

F800 Pro

Super Night Vision 2.0 and Sony Starvis CMOS recording sensor


Super Night Vision, mobile viewer, advanced driver assistance system

FA700 Thinkware Dashcam
Thinkware F550 dashcam


Built-in GPS antenna, PC viewer, super capacitor

We Offer Installations on All Dash Cam Products Get a Quote

Trust Your Dash Upgrades and Installation to Sunbusters of Austin

At Sunbusters of Austin, Texas, we provide you with trouble-free Thinkware Dash Cams and installation so you are ready to hit the road right away with the latest technology. Stop by today to see all we have to offer in aftermarket car electronics or browse our website, and get in touch with us today.

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