Protective Measures & Terms of Service

Sunbusters Staff Requirements

  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Take Temperature each morning upon arrival
  • Wash / Sanitize hands throughout the day
  • Wear Mask
  • Wash / Sanitize door handles & light switches

Client Requirements

  • Upon arrival call the number posted on the door from your vehicle, a representative will come to your vehicle to check you in
  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Allow Sunbusters the option to take temperature with laser pointer device on forehead
  • Wear Mask at all times while at our facility
  • Wash / Sanitize hands
  • Turn off AC and Stereo in your vehicle upon drop off
  • Drop keys in our provided zip lock bag

Facility Requirements

  • Operating by appointment only
  • Front door stays locked at all times
  • Vehicle Drop off and Delivery will be performed outside of the building when possible
  • No waiting inside the facility allowed
  • Payment by phone followed by email of paid invoice

Vehicle Requirements – Sunbusters will do the following

  • Clean all door handles inside and out, then clean again before delivery
  • Clean and cover steering wheel, then clean again before delivery
  • Clean and cover shifter, then clean again before delivery
  • Clean driver seat or cover with disposable seat cover
  • Have client drop keys in zip lock bag
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Sunbusters Covid Response