Radar Detectors

Sunbusters offers an assortment of radar detectors from two highly respected brands. Austin, Texas drivers can rely on this equipment to shield them from costly tickets and high insurance rates.

Portable Models

If you seek an economical unit that you can easily move from one car to another, choose a dashboard-mounted model. Simply connect this device to your cigarette lighter, or eliminate clutter by asking us to hardwire it.

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rd950 k40 radar detector


The K40 RD950 provides an appealing option for anyone who desires a sophisticated yet easy-to-use product. You can immediately begin using it without changing any settings. The brightness level and various alert filters are adjustable.


To minimize false alarms with the help of GPS technology and advanced filters, choose the K40 RLS2. It can silence alerts when you drive at low speeds. The RLS2 even features a handy built-in compass.

K40 rls2 radar detector
max360 escort radar detector

Max 360

Escort’s Max 360 accurately determines the location of a radar gun. It will tell you if the signal comes from an area behind, beside or ahead of your vehicle.

Max 360c

The MAX 360c costs a bit more than the 360 because it uses Wi-Fi to download updates and keep up with the newest radar technology. Its manufacturer supplies a ticket prevention guarantee.

Mx 360c escort
redline EX escort radar detector

RedLine EX

Dual antennas enable Escort’s RedLine EX to outperform many competing models. Police find it especially difficult to detect this mid-priced unit. It also comes with the above-mentioned guarantee.

Solo S4

Escort’s Solo S4 operates cordlessly and boasts an impressive detection range. This comparatively economical product will warn you about laser guns as well as three major types of radar devices.

solo 4 escort radar detector
escort 9500ix radar detector


If you liked the Escort 9500iX, be sure to check out the new iX. This unit combines its predecessor’s top-notch performance with modern styling and extra features.


Escort recently introduced a long-range model known as the X80. Cutting-edge technology enables it to warn drivers about laser and radar guns as swiftly as possible. The X80 also detects signals that come from a wide range of angles.

x80 escort radar detector

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Integrated Models

Sunbusters can permanently install high-end detectors that integrate with your vehicle’s existing equipment. These devices and their wires remain hidden from view, and they’re much harder to steal than portable units.

Max Ci 360

Escort’s MAX Ci 360 provides more effective detection and filtering than any other model. This premium device features a remarkably sharp display, Bluetooth connectivity and GPS technology. You can reduce false alerts by updating the filters via USB.

max ci360 radar detector
rl200di k40 integrated detection system


The K40 RL200di represents an excellent choice if you seek seamless integration and highly innovative technology. Thanks to GPS, you can create or silence location-specific alerts. The screen automatically dims when you use your car’s headlights. This model includes a cordless remote control as well.


If you want to combine the RL200di’s advanced features with 360-degree protection, choose the K40 RL360di. This detector uses four well-concealed antennas to extend its range and precisely identify the directional origin of radar signals.

rl360di k40 integrated radar detection system

Get Your Radar Detector From Sunbusters

Sunbusters technicians employ professional installation techniques that maximize the reliability of aftermarket equipment and preserve your car’s appearance. To get started, please contact us or visit our nearest location.

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